Why use RV Voltmeter

So why should you use an RV Voltmeter? Having the wrong voltage in your RV could cause very expensive repairs.

RV VoltmeterMany parks do not have the electrical grid to handle multiple rigs using high wattage/amperage appliances. This is especially true with air conditioners or heat pumps. When the power draw becomes excessive in a park, it tends to pull the voltage down.  To protect your rig from motor burn-outs due to low voltage, use a simple plugin digital voltmeter to monitor the power coming into your rig.

Whenever your appliances are receiving too much or too little power, they are at risk of some major damage. There are many situations that can cause power fluctuations in an RV park hook-up, including the following:

  • Old poorly maintained power pedestals in the park
  • Too many rigs hooked into the grid
  • Very hot weather with all of the rigs using their air conditioning
  • and a park that is wired incorrectly

There is an easy way to test for problems with the voltage that you are getting in your RV. An RV voltmeter is a simple, effective, and inexpensive tool that could save you thousands.

Get an easy-to-read RV voltmeter that will show you when you are receiving low or inconsistent voltage.  The voltmeter can plug directly into any outlet.

RV voltmeter

Some people prefer to have a voltmeter that shows the safe area in green. We have used this type of meter also.

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