White Horse To The Alaskan Border

We left White Horse this morning and are headed to the Alaskan border and Tok, Alaska. We probably won’t make it all the way to Tok today, but we should get across the border today. Salmon swim 1500 miles up the Yukon River, the White River and into the Kluane River so they can spawn in the place you see in picture.

Kluane RiverWhile we were at the Kluane River today we met these folks who were traveling by bike. We asked them where they were from and they said Switzerland. They then told us that they began their bike trip 17 months ago at the southern most tip of Argentina. They plan to wrap up their journey at the Arctic Circle by the middle of October.

bikersWe asked what they do in their spare time and they said sleep and eat!!  Talk about three courageous young people! We didn’t get an opportunity to chat with them very long but they all agreed that they were not the same people they were when they started out on their, just short of, two year journey. They sold everything they owned, quit good jobs, and took off. When they get back, they will begin planning their new life….new place to live, new furniture, new job, new city, etc. No, they don’t know what it will be……they plan to figure all that out one step at a time when the trip is over.

It took us two hours to hose off and scrub down the rig and the jeep when we go to Tok after traveling on these dirt roads.

dirt road Yukon TerritoryThis poor black bear was on the right hand side of the road when we came around the corner in the RV. When he saw us he tried to run into the forest, but unfortunately there was a rock ledge blocking his escape to the right…….so he had to cross over in front of us to get to the forest on the other side of the road. Unfortunately, there was a long guard rail blocking him on that side. That meant he had to walk about thirty yards down the middle of the road to get around the guard rail and into the forest. So he started slowly walking down the middle of the road trying not to panic.

black bearHe looked back one very quick look and then continued his slow stately, non-panicked walk down the middle of the road until he could get around the guard rail and into the woods. He refused to give into his panic and look back at us after that one quick glance.

When he was about to enter the woods he finally turned around, looked at us, and THEN took off at a high rate of speed into the safely of the forest. It was very funny!!

Well, we are finally, officially, about to enter Alaska. You can see the line of trees that have been cleared to mark the official boundary line between Canada and the United States.

Alaska borderWe are finally in Alaska. Because of all the side trips we’ve been taking, it felt like we might never actually get to Alaska. But here we are!!

Alaska border

Just after going through the border check point we looked over to the left to see the Wrangell Mountains

Wrangell MountainsThe mountains off in the distance are the highest in Canada…..about 20,000 feet high.

Wrangell MountainsAlaska, here we come!!

When we pulled into Tok, Alaska, this is what the rig and the Jeep looked like. It took a LOT of washing and scrubbing to get all the dirt and mud off. You couldn’t even tell what color the Jeep was after all the dirt roads.
dirty rig

I think we’re headed for Anchorage next. See you down the road!!

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