Tips and Tricks to Make RV Travel Easier

Viento State ParkWe have been rving for over 30 years and have picked up some tips and tricks to make RV travel easier and some make life in your RV safer. Please don’t don’t forget to share your favorites on Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks!

We are camping in Viento State Park today. We came a day early and are waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. It is our first time camping together since they got their new R-Pod trailer. I am sitting and thinking of some of the things I have learned over the years that make camping with an RV simpler and allow me more time to fun.

Here is a short list of the things that are coming to mind right now. I am sure there will be more later, but that is for another post.

Cleaning Tips

Keeping the rig clean is one of the not so fun parts of camping with an RV. Here are four things that I could not do without.

  1. Swifter mop to keep the floor clean and of course the wet mopping cloth refills.’
  2. Disposable toilet bowl cleaner. I do not use the flushable type because that would definitely not go well with the black tank! Also, the latex free gloves come in handy for the toilet cleaning task and the holding tank emptying.
  3. Angle broom and dust pan to do the daily sweep of all of the dirt, pine needles, tiny stones grass clippings and all sorts of other stuff that seems to magically appear on your RV floor almost immediately after you have cleaned.
  4. A multi-surface cleaner for the kitchen and Bathroom surfaces.

Gray and Black Water Tank Tips

  1. There is never enough room in your gray tank no matter how big is it. Two tricks that I use to extend the time before dumping are doing dishes in a plastic tub in the sink and using a gray water dump station in a campground if one is available. The other tip is dumping the dishwater down the toilet if there is more room in your black tank than in your gray tank. The sudsy water also helps keep the black tank clean.
  2. I always wipe my dirty dishes with a paper towel before washing to prevent food particles from getting into the gray tank. This helps prevent odor and also keeps the waste valve from getting chunks of food stuck in it.
  3. To help keep the black tank from getting full and to keep toilet paper from the sensors, we always use RV toilet paper if we are flushing it down the toilet. The other option is to keep a wastebasket next to the toilet for “clean” wet toilet paper or all toilet paper if you are not squeamish. Here is a blog post that discusses the issue of toilet paper and another that talks about black water dumping.

Odds and Ends that just came to mind

 Tips and Tricks to Make RV Travel EasierMy husband and I are always boiling water to make tea or instant coffee. If we are camping in a place where we are plugged into electricity, we have found this Stainless Steel Electric Cordless Tea Kettle to be indispensable.

Keeping your hand sanitizer, hand soap, hand cream, shampoo and other stuff organized on your bathroom sink is a real problem as you are traveling down the highway. Here is a nifty idea from My Five Fs.

RV Water Tank FillerDo you need to fill your water tank using the gravity fill. If you do this alone, you have to turn on the hose at the faucet and then go to the end of the hose and try to get the full stream of water to go into the tank filler hole without spraying all over the rig. Instead, use this  water tank filler with a shut-off valve to make filling your fresh water tank an easy job.

Tablecloth ClampsCamping in the desert is almost always a windy experience. Keep your tablecloth on the table and not on your neighbor’s front yard by using these tablecloth clamps.

Water BanditAnd finally, have you ever pulled into a place to fill your fresh water tank and find that the water faucet does not have any threads? This water bandit will save the day.




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