Tamolitch Pool Hike (The Blue Pool)

Tamolitch Pool We have wanted to do the Tamolitch Pool hike for several years, but something always came up and we just didn’t do it. So this week we decided this was the hike for us. Unfortunately, we did not consider the fact that this was the first weekend since school let out for the summer nor that this was Father’s Day weekend. Never-the-less we did enjoy the hike. We just met A LOT of people on the trail Certainly if you decide to hike to Tamolitch Falls, pick a day mid-week and go early.

How to get there

You can hike to Tamolitch Pool from the north or south at access points to the McKenzie River Trail. We elected to start the hike from the south a few miles South of Sahalie Falls on the McKenzie Highway by the Smith Reservoir.  This is 10.5 miles south of the junction of McKenzie Highway 126 and US 20 west of Sisters, OR. Turn at the sign to Trailbridge Campground, cross the bridge and immediately turn right on the gravel road 655. The trailhead parking is straight ahead in about 0.4 miles.

Tamolitch Pool Hike

Tamolitch Pool Hike

Tamolitch Pool or Blue Pool is an easy hike through old-growth forest at first and then through lava covered with moss and plants to the pool. 4.2 miles round trip.

Tamolitch Pool Hike

It is incredibly clear and blue and cold as it emerges out from under the lava. If it is an extremely wet year, you may get to see the actual falls, but most of the time the river emerges from the lava underground.

Tamolitch Pool

Watch the video of this hike.


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  1. David Kotok June 30, 2016 at 1:29 pm #

    Looks great, see you next week

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