Skamania Lodge Hiking Trails

Skamania LodgeWhile we were waiting for the Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival to start we decided to explore the area. The Skamania Lodge is located just a mile from the fairgrounds where we were camped. The brochure for the lodge said that it had hiking trails. Since we wanted to get some exercise, the Skamania Lodge hiking trails  seemed just right. The Lake Loop Trail looked like the perfect length for the time that we had.

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The trail is listed as 1.75 miles, but since we walked from our campsite at the fairgrounds to the lodge the total mileage ended up to be 4.8 miles on our GPS.skamania-lodge (1 of 1)-9

The first part of the hike is along a gravel maintenance road, but it soon turns into the woods past the 2nd fairway and heads up hill to East Lake and then on to Lily Pond Lake where you can see turtles sunning themselves on the logs. Skamania Lodge Hiking Trail

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You can also have a snack of ripe juicy blackberries if you are there at the right time of year (end of July).skamania-lodge (1 of 1)-8

From the lakes you head back down the mountain, cross a long foot bridge over a wet bog and end back at the putting green and driving range.skamania-lodge (1 of 1)-10

The trail turned out to be a bit more strenuous than we anticipated due to the elevation change.  After several days of just sitting in the truck it did manage to stress our muscles.skamania-lodge (1 of 1)-13

There are 2 other hikes that are available. Creek Loop Trail (1.5 miles) and Gorge Loop Trail (1 mile). The later offers beautiful views of the golf course and the Columbia Gorge in the distance.skamania-lodge (1 of 1)-14

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  1. Imkelina September 1, 2015 at 8:29 pm #

    how cool is that!! A golf course with hiking trails. Great descriptive narrative of the hike’

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