RV Water Pressure Regulator

rv-water-leakWhen you are traveling in an RV and pull in for the night, the last thing you need is to have a water leak. A couple of years ago, we watch a rig pull in next to us, hook up his power cord and then hook up his water hose. The next thing we saw was water pouring out from under his rig. He quick shut off the water, but the damage had been done. His water pipes had burst because of the high pressure in the park line.

There are two ways to fill your RV fresh water tank. There are separate connections on your RV, one for filling up your RV’s fresh water tank and a separate screw on connection for hooking to city water directly.

Water Pressure RegulatorRupture of your RV plumbing is actually quite a common thing to have happen since city water pressure is frequently higher than is recommended by RV manufacturers. There are several ways this can easily be avoided.

  1. Fill your water tank using a hose and the fill hole and then use the on-board water pump for your water needs. This way you are never directly attached to city water pressure. This is the method we use most of the time when we are traveling.
  2. Use an adjustable RV water pressure regulator. This maximizes water flow and protects your RV plumbing. It shields your system from unregulated water pressures and is pre-set to 45 psi.
  3. Simple RV water pressure regulator that is preset to 40 to 50 psi.

Each of these methods will protect your RV water lines from the dreaded line rupture and the expense of repairs.

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