RV Products

We have had some requests to list all of our suggested RV products on one page. When we find a nifty RV product that make our lives easier, safer or protects our rig, we post a recommendation. So here are the links to the products or services that we have recommended. There is no particular order to these links. If it gets too long maybe I will try some organization, but right now the list is sort of random.

We will continue to add products to this page as we review them so please check back often to see the updates.

If you have any suggests for us we would love to hear from you.

Here are the Useful RV Products

Battery Water FillerUsing Battery Water Filler

Maintaining your RV battery is important or you will have a loss of power somewhere when you least expect it. Having this happen when you are enjoying a beautiful campsite a hundred miles from the nearest service is the last thing you want to have happen. Maintain the water level in the battery is one of the most important things you can do, but it is always seems like such a pain to do… read more

Best Solar Camping LightBest Solar Camping Light

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we went to Montana to visit our son and his family last month. It was a great visit catching up with family news and playing with our grandchildren. While we were there, our son gave Dick and early birthday present. This was probably one of the most useful gifts he has ever given us…. read more

Must have rv refrigerator fanMust have RV Refrigerator Fan

One of the first things we learned when beginning our RV lifestyle is that the refrigerators are different than a home residential refrigerator. We quickly learned that you must use a RV Refrigerator Fan. RV refrigerators are not as efficient as the one at home and they require a certain amount of care… read more

Must Have Smartphone RV AppsMust Have Smartphone RV Apps to Make Travel Easier

In today’s world we seem to be turning to our phones and tablets for more and more information. We are fortunate as travelers to have this modern technology. I have listed below 10 of the must have Smartphone RV apps for Android and iOS that we use constantly as we travel. There are many more … read more

Twist-On Waste ValveWaste Valve for your RV – Product Review

Have you ever pulled into the dump site with your RV, uncapped the waste valve  and had some of the black or grey water leak onto you or the ground? Does the waste valve for your RV leak? We have found a marvelous solution for this common problem thanks to BlaNicS Waypoints. The Valterra T58 is a great piece of insurance in case your black or grey tank valve leaks or vibrates open while you are driving down the road. This waste valve provides secondary protection in case the regular gray or black valve has a leak… read more

water-pressure-gaugeRV Water Pressure Regulator

When you are traveling in an RV and pull in for the night, the last thing you need is to have a water leak. A couple of years ago, we watch a rig pull in next to us, hook up his power cord and then hook up his water hose. The next thing we saw was water pouring out from under his rig. He quick shut off the water, but the damage had been done…. read more

RV VoltmeterWhy use RV Voltmeter

So why should you use an RV Voltmeter? Having the wrong voltage in your RV could cause very expensive repairs. Many parks do not have the electrical grid to handle multiple rigs using high wattage/amperage appliances. This is especially true with air conditioners or heat pumps. When the power draw becomes excessive in a park, … read more

 Electric Tea kettleTips and Tricks to Make RV Travel Easier

My husband and I are always boiling water to make tea or instant coffee. If we are camping in a place where we are plugged into electricity, we have found this Stainless Steel Electric Cordless Tea Kettle to be indispensable.

Water Shut Off Valve

RV Water Tank FillerDo you need to fill your water tank using the gravity fill. If you do this alone, you have to turn on the hose at the faucet and then go to the end of the hose and try to get the full stream of water to go into the tank filler hole without spraying all over the rig. Instead, use this  water tank filler with a shut-off valve to make filling your fresh water tank an easy job.

Tablecloth Clamps

Table Cloth Clamps

Camping in the desert is almost always a windy experience. Keep your tablecloth on the table and not on your neighbor’s front yard by using these tablecloth clamps.

Water Bandit

Threadless Water Bandit

Have you ever pulled into a place to fill your fresh water tank and find that the water faucet does not have any threads? This water bandit will save the day.