We received this portable battery charger in white, several weeks ago and love it. It is one of the best products we have experienced in quite a while. It will definitely be with us at all times for emergency use or for just charging out phone or tablet when we are out on a long day adventure and run down the batteries. We certainly give this charger a 5-star review.

The product came nicely packaged with simple instructions on the back. When you open the package, you find a short micro USB charging cable and a bag with a single ear bud that will attach to the micro USB port on the Bluetooth headset that fits into the side of the charger.

The battery is 3 x 5 inches by 7/8 inches thick and feels sturdy. It has two 3A UBS outputs on top and one 5V input for charging. There is an LCD window on the front which indicated the percentage of power in the battery.

The Bluetooth headset fits nicely into the side and charges while it is there. It fits my ear well but does not fit my husband’s ear as well. The headset connected with my iPhone 7 plus immediately with no problems.

When we got the charger, we immediately plugged it in to make sure it was fully charged and then took it with us hiking the next day. We do volunteer work for the Forest Service and use our iPhones for GPS work. We both ran down our phones to 20% during the day so used the NuCharger to recharge the phones. With both phones plugged in, they recharged to 100% in two hours. After fully charging the iPhone 7s the NuCharger still had 33% battery life according to the LCD window. When we got home, we plugged in the NuCharger, and it recharged to 100% in 3 ½ hours.

After fully charging we left the phone on our counter to test the ability to hold its charge. After 2 ½ weeks, it still had 100% charge. We will test it for a longer period of time and repost to tell the results.

We have found an additional use for this product and are extremely excited about it. We purchased a SunJack CampLight (TM) USB LED Bulb 340 Lumens – Cool White (for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Backpacking and other Outdoor Activities, as well as Emergency) – USB LED Bulb to use with the NuCharger and love the light it provides. We have used it camping, in the car at night and as an emergency light for walking at night when we got caught out late on the trail.

We are so excited about this product and its uses in an emergency or for everyday charging needs that we bought a NuCharger and a SunJack Camplight for our son and his family. They are avid campers and backpackers and will love it!.

If you need extra battery charging we strongly recommend this unique product.