Must have RV Refrigerator Fan

RV refrigerator fanOne of the first things we learned when beginning our RV lifestyle is that the refrigerators are different than a home residential refrigerator. We quickly learned that you must use a RV Refrigerator Fan.

RV refrigerators are not as efficient as the one at home and they require a certain amount of care. One of the prime differences is that there is no fan inside to circulate the cold air. Therefore, food in different parts of the refrigerator compartment have different temperatures. Some things freeze and other things are too warm.

This Camco 44123 Fridge Airator helps to cool the RV fridge evenly and keeps your food fresher. This RV refrigerator fan is battery operated with 2 D batteries that last a month for us. There is a replaceable activated charcoal filter if you wish to use it. We have not used the filter for years, but the fan is a must for even cooling.

We have used the same unit for over 20 years. The latch stays together until the batteries wear out and then it pops open. You just set the unit on any shelf of your refrigerator that has room to allow the air from the fan to circulate.

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