Las Vegas RV Camping and Walking the Strip

Las Vegas RV Camping and Walking the Strip

After a week at Lakeside RV Resort in Pahrump getting our rig de-winterized and ready for camping, we set out for Las Vegas. It was a rainy cold day as we made our way to Las Vegas for RV camping and walking the strip. 

Soon we saw the sun and Las Vegas in the distance. We found many years ago that we enjoyed staying in an RV campground on the strip rather than off the strip and then driving into town. Las Vegas RV camping and cruising the strip is one of our favorite short stops whenever we are in the area. We can’t stay too long in this crazy city, but we love to walk the strip and people watch. We are not gamblers (more than a total of $20/per visit in the nickel slots), but look forward to the free entertainment the Las Vegas experience for a few days. 

This is 180 degrees from our usually style of back roads of America, but even country bumpkins like us enjoy the glitz of civilization once in a while. And this is the capital of glitz! We always stay at Circus Circus which has the only campground on the Strip. It is convenient, clean, but certainly not a “camping” experience. It is simple parking on asphalt with full hook-ups, a store, swimming pool and the amenities of the Circus Circus Casino if you want. 

Las Vegas RV Camping and Walking the Strip

We have been doing this since that first year we came west in 2000. That year we visited in July when it was 120 degrees. Our poor little dog had to be carried to the doggie area because the asphalt was too hot for his paws. But we have fond memories of walking the strip at midnight in 85 degree temperatures and sleeping in the air-conditioned rig during the day.

Las Vegas RV Camping and Walking the Strip

Since then we have visited during January, February or March when the weather is a bit more tolerable during the day. This year, in mid-January it was a bit breezy and cool, bit still fun with jackets on. Dick soon found a friend that he wanted to install in our front yard at home. I don’t think the neighbors would be pleased!

We arrived at our usual campground at Circus Circus (the only campground on the Strip) and immediately took our first walk down to New York New York to get our favorite pizza at Sirrico’s Pizza. This is a truly New York style pizza and we miss those since we have moved west. 

We also took in the Hershey Store in New York New York and saw a chocolate Statue of Liberty.

We walked to the Monte Carlo, then took the tram to the Bellagio where we took in the famous world’s largest chocolate fountain.

Next was the Bellagio see the gardens and fountains. The Bellagio Conservatory and Gardens change 5 times a year. According to their website. “Each season, the enormously talented horticulturalists and designers who make up the Bellagio Conservatory team transform this 14,000-square-foot floral playground into a showcase of the distinctive sights and colors of spring, summer, fall and winter—along with a special display for Chinese New Year. When the seasons turn and the displays rotate, 90 percent of the trees, flowers and plants in the conservatory are recycled, to further celebrate our commitment to the earth.”

We visited during the Chinese display and it is the year of the Rooster.

In front of the Bellagio is the famous dancing fountains. I could stand for hours in front and watch the fountains dance to the music.

There are many in Las Vegas who are homeless and take their rest where they can, just as in many of our cities now. This city of glamor and glitz is no exception.

Caesar’s Palace was next with its fountains, Forums and show of the gods.

A brief visit to the Venetian and then on to the Wynn. 

The gleaming, mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture of Popeye stands six-foot-five and tips the scales at over 2,000 pounds. It was purchased at auction by casino mogul Steve Wynn in 2014 for a cool $28 million.

We walked a total of 18 miles during our 3 days stay this time, but soon the craziness of the city drove us out and we headed south to another crazy time at Quartzsite for the RV show. I will post that later.

The videos below are from our walks and casinos that we visited and sums it all up. Enjoy.

2 Responses to Las Vegas RV Camping and Walking the Strip

  1. gonewiththedogs January 31, 2017 at 6:42 am #

    wow looks likes you had an enjoyable time while in sin city, your good timing is good since its looks like real winter at your home in Oregon.

  2. Melinda Stanfield January 31, 2017 at 7:06 am #

    It was perfect timing. The day we left was the only snow free day they had for most of the month of January. We would not have been able to get out until the third week of January if we had delayed at all.

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