Hell’s Gate along Route 1 British Columbia

Our trip north on Route 1 was one of the prettiest drives I think we’ve ever taken. We followed the Fraser the entire day through canyons and farm land.

Frasier River along Route 1, British Columbia

We decided to investigate Hell’s Gate so we parked the rig and headed over to the visitor center.

We watched the tram taking visitors down to the river but the cost for the ride was $40 so we decided to hike down.

Tram down to Hell’s Gate Bridge

The trail down to the river…….five switch backs……about 600 ft elevation change from the road to the river….definitely a good work out!!!

Trail down to Hell’s Gate

The noise of the water going through Hell’s Gate is so loud it’s almost impossible to talk when you’re on the bridge. The pictures below will show you the bridge.

Bridge over Hell’s Gate

This picture shows the water entering the narrows. 110 feet deep and about 200 million gallons of water a minute flow through the narrows. The narrow part of Hell’s Gate is only bout 33 meters wide.

If you look at the video and the pictures above you can see the Salmon races. The Salmon were unable to run the narrows after there was a cave in during construction the two railroad tracks on each side of the river. So the races were installed to bring back the Salmon run that had almost died out.

The water volume going through the narrows that year must have been incredible!! No way you would have gotten me on the bridge that spring!!

The Fraser party had to portage their supplies through Hell’s Gate using log walk ways constructed by the local Indian tribes. Fraser’s journals talk about how harrowing the experience was for him and his men.

We hiked out of the Hell’s Gate canyon and continued another few hours until we found a level pull off of the highway. Here is a good picture of the trains running along the river. This was the view out of our front and side windows for the evening. The end of an amazing day. Tomorrow we continue north on Route 1 and Route 97 and begin a 350 mile side trip over to Bella Coola for some sea food. So stay tuned.


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