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Protect your RV from Mud Daubers

Imagine pulling into your camping spot for the week and when you turn on your water heater nothing happens. The gas heater will not light. Or you turn on your furnace that night because of a chill in the air and the furnace will not light. What is wrong? They both worked fine the last […]

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tablecloth clamp

Tips and Tricks to Make RV Travel Easier

We have been rving for over 30 years and have picked up some tips and tricks to make RV travel easier and some make life in your RV safer. Please don’t don’t forget to share your favorites on Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks! We are camping in Viento State Park today. We came a day early and […]

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Handy Trailer Tongue Jack Organizer and Plug Saver

You have arrived at your perfect campsite, backed into your spot and you are now unhooking your trailer from your tow vehicle. If you are lucky you have an electric tongue jack and that part of the job is easy, but what do you do with the chains and electric cord? Lay them on the […]

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Humidity in RV Equals Mold

One of the first things we learned when we first started living full-time in our RV was how easily mold can develop in your rig. As previous part-time campers or half time campers visiting only the south-west, we had no idea about humidity in a motorhome. Humidity in RV equals mold in your closets, walls […]

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RV Voltmeter

Why use RV Voltmeter

So why should you use an RV Voltmeter? Having the wrong voltage in your RV could cause very expensive repairs. Many parks do not have the electrical grid to handle multiple rigs using high wattage/amperage appliances. This is especially true with air conditioners or heat pumps. When the power draw becomes excessive in a park, […]

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RV plumbing leak

RV Water Pressure Regulator

When you are traveling in an RV and pull in for the night, the last thing you need is to have a water leak. A couple of years ago, we watch a rig pull in next to us, hook up his power cord and then hook up his water hose. The next thing we saw […]

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