Boulder City to Parker Arizona

As much as we love to walk the strip in Las Vegas, we are also so glad to leave after three days of constant noise and people and lights and crazy stimulation. So we are out of there and headed from Las Vegas to Qquartszite to boondock for a few days before the crowds get there for the big RV show. 

The drive south from Boulder City to Parker Arizona south is barren, but beautiful if you love the desert. The mountains in the distance are rugged. 

Boulder City to Parker Arizona

Just south go Boulder City on US 95 is a large solar farm that seems to go on forever. So nice to see the states doing this. 

We took 95 south to I 40, then east on I 40 through Needles to Arizona 95 south to Lake Havasu. 

Boulder City to Parker Arizona

Here are a few pictures of the Needles Mountains that the town is named after.The Colorado River is in the foreground. It is a funny thing about human nature that when you grow up with something you don’t really think about it. I grew up in Southern California and have been through Needles at least 50 times in my life. I had never wondered where the name came from, nor had I ever really seen these mountains. This trip for some reason provided an “Ah, Ha” moment. Maybe it is my age. 

Turning south on 95 again in Arizona, we soon came to Lake Havasu City, famous for its London Bridge. Melinda has the unique experience of walking across this bridge in London before it was sold to the developers of this city and also to walk across the bridge here in Arizona. The story of how the London Bridge was moved is fascinating.

We did not stop in Lake Havasu City on this trip but got a few pictures as we drove by.

The mountains south and west of Lake Havasu are rugged that have been carved by the river.

Typical of our shunpiking philosophy, we decided to split the drive up into two days and spend the night at the Elks Club in Parker again. If you are an Elk member, then have a very nice parking lot next to the building with water and electric. We have stayed here before and the club members are fun and welcoming. Thank you, Elks.

Boulder City to Parker Arizona

The map below shows our journey from Boulder City To Parker.


2 Responses to Boulder City to Parker Arizona

  1. gonewiththedogs May 4, 2017 at 7:55 am #

    Theres nothing quite like driving across the open desert and your post captured it nicely!

  2. Melinda Stanfield May 4, 2017 at 9:12 am #

    I do love these desert drives. I always feel like I have come home when The wide open desert spreads out all around me. I guess I will always be a desert rat.

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