AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon for all your RV Solar Needs

AM Solar

AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon just East of Eugene is well known for its expertise in all things solar. In business since 1988 they have become the Recreational Vehicle Solar go to business. People come from all over the US to have their solar systems installed or repaired by AM Solar.

We first experienced their quality care in 2007 when we had a solar system installed on our 40 foot Alfa Motorhome. At that time we had 5 solar panels installed on the roof, a 1000 watt inverter and a controller. As Dick frequently explained, that monitor was so accurate that he could tell if a LED was left on in the basement of the motorhome.

AM Solar

As we have changed rigs over the years and have added to existing equipment, we have been back to AM Solar many times. They always deliver on the service!

RV Solar Needs

We bought our Lance trailer in 2015 and immediately headed to AM Solar for 2 additional panels to add to the factory installed single panel. we decided at that time to use the factory installed monitor and the 2 12 volt batteries that the factory had installed. After being out boon docking several times we decided to replace the 12 volt batteries with 2 deep cycle 6-volt batteries. We also had a hook up installed for our portable solar panel.We had the work done at a local RV dealer. After all, what could go wrong with a simple battery replacement?

Last winter while boon docking in Arizona we had trouble with keeping the batteries charged and when we plugged in the extra portable solar panel, it did not seem to add any more power. After a frustrating 2 months, we made an appointment to AM Solar to add another solar panel and a better monitor.

When we made the appointment we arranged to also be able to arrive the day before the appointment and stay the night so that we would be there promptly when they opened. When we arrived they directed us to the spot where we would spend the night and we settled in.

The next morning knocked on our door and Dick went through our problems and the crew went to work.

Meanwhile, I stayed in their very nice lounge with WIFI and a demonstration wall of their products.

They also have a very nice outdoor yard with swings next to a lake where you can enjoy your wait.

They installed a new battery monitor that is fed by a common ground/shunt, and another solar panel on the roof (now we have about 450 watts feeding the batteries), and then repaired and re-wired the extra portable solar panel. When they were done, they programmed the controller and walked us through the system.

Once again our saviors at AM Solar had solved our solar problems and we were on the way to our next boon docking adventure. We have been boondocking once since the installation and everything is working perfectly. We have plenty of power with our two 6-volt batteries and the additional solar panel charges them back up easily as long as we have full sun.

AM Solar

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  1. gonewiththedogs August 10, 2017 at 8:09 pm #

    Good to hear of this business! Thanks for the info.

  2. Melinda Stanfield August 11, 2017 at 5:15 am #

    They are a great source of help with solar questions, installation or repair.

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