About RV Travels and Shun-Piking

About RV Travels and Shun-PikingThe term shunpiking comes from the word shun, meaning “to avoid”, and pike, a term referring to turnpikes. The term is an old one from the early 1900s when turnpikes were common in the Northeast part of America. For us, the term “Shun-Pike” means avoiding the Interstate highways and exploring the rural country. We are always looking for new back roads and new areas to discover. Traveling the slower back roads of North America allows us to meet new people and experience the little communities and scenic countryside of this continent.

Dick Rauscher and Melinda Stanfield travel extensively in the US and Canada. They have lived full-time in a motorhome but now reside in Oregon and travel with their Lance trailer. Dick is a Life Coach, writer and founder of the Stonyhill Newsletter (Here is a link to his last few articles) and Melinda blogs about the adventures of RV traveling.  

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Safe Travels,

Dick and Melinda